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Answer these questions to help you choose the laser that best suits your jobsite. 


Will the laser level be used indoors, outdoors, or both?    


Pro Shot lasers are suitable for both inside and outdoor work. You will need a laser level detector for outdoor work, as even a highly visible green laser will be lost in daylight. Temperature is no issue for a Pro Shot laser, as they can withstand extreme cold and heat (-4° F to +140° F or -20° C to +60° C) without compromising accuracy. All of our laser models are sealed to protect against dust and water as well.

Can the laser level be disturbed by laborers, live traffic, or heavy equipment? 


If you work on large, busy sites, self leveling is an absolute must. A self leveling construction laser corrects for slight disturbances from wind or vibration, and will shut off for greater disturbances. All Pro Shot™ lasers contain a self leveling servo motor. If you are placing the laser level on a 12 foot tripod or a wall angle, the Alpha or Alpha XD is the most efficient option. Both have remotes.

.• How much accuracy do you need in your construction laser level?  


 With all lasers, error increases with distance. The best accuracy is achieved when working as close as possible to the laser transmitter. The Alpha, Alpha XD and Alpha-C is ±1/16" at 100ft and ±1/4" at 400ft. Our slope lasers are  ±14 arc sec. (± .080 per 100ft) (± 2.0 mm per 30m) for AS2, and ±10 arc sec. (± .060 per 100') (± 1.5 mm per 30m) for AS2 Magnum.

Do you need a laser level tool that can also project a slope?  


Construction lasers for precision slope like the AS2 or AS2 Magnum, have mechanical counters that enable entry of slope in increments of .01% . For less precise applications such as drainage ditches, there are self-leveling lasers capable of manual "slope matching".


Do you need a specialty laser for conical slopes?     


The Alpha-C cone laser projects a beam that can be sloped either up, or down. Because this slope is projected as a cone, it simplifies certain otherwise difficult setups. The Alpha-C will excel at jobs such as the pitcher's mound on a baseball field, sports fields with a conical slope, and banked corners.




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