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The maximum allowable power output in a construction laser is 5 milliwatts or less. A milliwatt is 1/1000th of a watt, a very small amount of power.  The light is concentrated however, and the following precautions should be taken when using such an instrument:

• Do not stare into a laser beam or view it directly with optical instruments.

• Do not disassemble the laser or attempt to service it.

• Do not use the laser until you have read the instruction manual and you are familiar with the operation of the instrument. 


The Alpha, AS2 and Alpha-C construction lasers are Class II lasers under the CDRH* / IEC* regulations.

The Alpha XD and AS2 Magnum construction lasers are Class IIIa lasers under the CDRH and IEC regulations.


All Pro Shot construction laser models conform to applicable EC directives regarding RFI and EMI. US OSHA requires that a jobsite warning placard must be posted in the work area and each laser operator must carry proof of qualification. Only qualified and trained employees are to install, adjust, and operate the laser. The laser should be set up above or below eye level and never intentionally aimed at anyone. The laser should be turned off when not being used.


Warning placards and operator cards are included with the product where applicable.*CDRH stands for The Center for Devices and Radiological Health, part of the FDA.  This is the same organization that regulates TV sets and many other electronic products.  IEC stands for International Equivalent Organization.

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